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As of the present day, Overlay Protocol is under the joint governance of PlanckCat DAO and OV token holders. One PCD NFT equates to 100,000 votes, while one OV token equals one vote within the governance structure. It's important to note that this equilibrium may be subject to change in the future.

PlanckCat DAO is a DAO created for Overlay contributors to engage in protocol governance through PlanckCat (PCD) NFTs, and currently plays a central role in governance. Discussions are ongoing regarding the potential transition of governance responsibilities to OV token holders.

These discussions are taking place within the appropriate channels on Discord and the Forum. Furthermore, any PCD NFT or OV holder is entitled to initiate discussions on the Overlay Discord and/or the Forum. Following a temperature check within the community, they can proceed to create a governance proposal on Snapshot.

PlanckCat DAO and OV holders hold the authority to determine which markets are listed or delisted on the protocol, as well as to establish protocol risk parameters that influence the user experience for all participants.

It's important to emphasize that individuals who do not hold PCD NFTs or OV can still actively engage in discussions on Discord and the Governance Forum.